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"To Whom It May Concern:  It gives me a great deal of pleasure to continuously recommend to you TC Roofing. I met Terry when I was in need of a small repair in the prime roofing season. I could not get one roofer to help me. I saw Terry’s sign and wrote down the number and called him. Much to my surprise, he called me back and came within the time frame he said he would to fix my little job. I told him I would not forget him when it came time to do my entire roof.  Unfortunately, the time came! I called Terry as I expected he was promptly here with a wonderful estimate price wise, and what I was sure would be quality work. He started the job the day he said he would. He called if he had any change in plans, he was careful to never leave my roof open for the weather to do any damage or critters to get in. We were expecting a rainy day and he would not go further the day before so as to be sure we would not have a problem. He gave me his cell phone number in case I should and to beat that, the day of the rain my door bell rang in the early evening and it was him coming by to check that no rain had gotten in.  He started the job promptly, finished on the date he said baring one rainy day and as if all this is not enough, the quality and workmanship are above and beyond my expectations. His crew is a great crew and even my neighbors complimented on how great my roof looks and what a great job Terry and the crew did cleaning up daily.  I have been around for a very long time and have had many huge jobs undertaken on my home and by far, Terry has been the nicest, fairest and one of the most respectful and considerate persons to work on my home.  To update to 2017 I continue to recommend Terry. Since he did my roof he has done at least three more in my small neighborhood. It is refreshing to me that a roofer can come back to the area and all the neighbors go outside to greet him. He’s just a great guy that does a great job!  It's been years since my roof was done and I am as pleased today as I was the day he did it.  I am more than pleased to give him the highest recommendation! This recommendation was not solicited by Terry, I truly feel that this young man is deserving of any job he bids on. 

I give 10000% rating!  They are the best.  I can't say enough good things about the company, the pricing, the workers, the JOB!

I give 10000% rating!  
Marilyn Bill P | September 20, 2017".

Tima Oliva

1 review

9 months ago

Great job. His prices wore incredibly and he is honest and transparent.

Michael C. 

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